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The clothing is completely tailored to your body. If you want to feel comfortable in your clothes, they must fit your body perfectly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with clothes that you buy in the stores. After all, they are ready-to-wear sizes, made for an average body. But every woman is unique. With my tailor-made clothing, I solve this problem for you.


High-quality environmentally friendly materials

The clothing is made from high-quality environmentally friendly materials, such as silk, cotton, wool and viscose. These materials are more pleasant in terms of wearing comfort, look more luxurious and are better for the environment.


The fashion industry ranks 2nd in pollution. Not only because of the use of synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, but especially because of the combination with fast fashion. Every season, there is a new collection, making clothing of low quality, as the customers want something new every time. As a result, a lot of clothing is thrown away, while the materials used take over 200 years to decay. These clothes are also not recycled very often. By using high-quality environmentally friendly materials, your clothing is less harmful to the environment. After all, they are more natural substances.

In addition, the use of natural fabrics is very important for your wearing comfort and the quality of your clothing. Your body can breathe in natural fabrics, the fabric adapts to the weather conditions and your body. The advantage that you will be less likely to feel too hot or too cold. Finally, a high-quality fabric will serve you for a long time; it will not fade or deform during washing and wear frequently. This allows you to enjoy your clothes for longer.


Studio Veronica stands for a high-quality product, for women who want to feel comfortable in their clothes so that they can focus on their fight to make the world a better place.


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I've always admired independent women. They were and are my example. In my childhood, when all my friends wanted to get married, I dreamed of opening my own business. Today I am inspired by human rights lawyer Amal Clooney. A passionate successful woman who always looks perfectly dressed. This contributes to her image as a professional. My dream is to work with these women. Independent, with their own opinion, professionals in their field. Women who not only make money, but also make the world a better place.


Studio Veronica's mission is to dress women who want to change our world for the better. My clothes help them to look perfect and enhance their appearance so that these women feel empowered. This way, they can fully focus on their profession and the things that really matter to them.


Founder of Studio Veronica


My name is Veronica Zemiseva, owner of Studio Veronika. I am 29 years old and originally from Russia. I came to the Netherlands in 2017. I am originally an architect, but my heart has always been with sewing. I started sewing clothes when I was 12, my mother taught me the basics. At school and university, I already sewed clothes for my friends and their mothers. I learned different sewing techniques, including the couture technique. When the idea of ​​a new dress comes to mind, I can't stop. I run to the store to buy fabric, sit down at night and sew until I'm done. Sometimes I don't finish until 4-5 in the morning. When I sew, I dive into a different world where there are no problems and worries. I forget everything; time passes very quickly. My favorite sewing moment is when I see how the flat fabric forms a shape, a volume. It's magic to me.


I would like to use this magic to give women the feeling that I have experienced myself more than once. Knowing that you look perfect will make you feel better. Then it seems as if everyone is only looking at you, you feel strong and you believe that you can find a solution for every problem. You feel happy. My tailor-made clothing, for the business segment, can provide that feeling. Sewn according to the age-old couture technique, using high-quality fabrics, to suit you perfectly. From my passion, I make your clothes for you.


The promises of Studio Veronika


Couture technique

All clothing is sewn using the couture technique. Nowadays, few people know this technique. This art of the sewing process ensures that it has the perfect look and also the best quality. I make your clothes 60-70% by hand, unlike most workshops, which use the sewing machine 90% of the time. This technique makes all seams, hems and buttonholes firmer and more accurate. Your clothing fits even better to your body and can also be worn longer.


Complete Advice

Making customers happy is essential to me. That is why it is not only important for me to make a quality product, but also to look at the complete picture. That is why I give you a total advice in the field of color, shapes and fabrics. Thanks to my studies in Fashion Styling and Image Advice, I know which shapes suit different figures better, which colors suit your complexion, how you can make a certain impression and which clothing is appropriate for a certain event. Together we discuss what you would like to enhance or disguise. For whatever situation, you will receive advice that fully matches this.

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