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Choosing a dress is not an easy task for every woman. Modern stores are filled with different models, but finding a style that fits perfectly is not easy. In Studio Veronica, clothes are created according to the individual measurements of the client. You will become the owner of an exclusive item that has no analogues in the store.

I will develop for you a design that can emphasize its perfections and strength. In addition, I use natural materials that are as comfortable as possible for your body and environmentally friendly. In a custom-made dress, you will feel absolutely comfortable in any situation. And the original design of your outfit will not go unnoticed by others.

I always listen to the wishes of clients; I recommend buying the optimal fabrics / accessories for a particular dress style. As a result, you get a perfectly fitting product of excellent quality. For busy women, all meetings can be held at your home.


Price for work

from 160 incl. btw

Price for fabric

from 30 euro

Duration of the work

from 5 to 14 days

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